Dear Dan, Connor, and John:

This letter is an attempt to say “thank you” for the eight weeks that you spent renovating the first floor of our house, and for the multiple consultations about design and planning that preceded that work. We can’t thank you enough for everything that you guys did, and for the way in which you did it. You took what had been a window-less and counter-less kitchen, with barely room for one person, and transformed it into a large and airy space in which Megan can cook, the kids and I can congregate, and guests can feel at home. It’s pretty amazing.

There’s something else that’s amazing, and it’s the fact that after having you guys in our house for weeks on end, we like you just as much now as we did when this project started. I call this amazing because, when we told friends and neighbors that we were going to bite the bullet and renovate our kitchen, we heard more horror stories than we cared to count. Some people were without a kitchen for more than three months. Others had to move heaven and earth to get seemingly simple design choices respected and executed. One of my law partners may be suing a contractor that took a progress payment and then never showed up again. One friend told Megan that there was no question about whether she’d cry; the only question was how often.

We are thrilled beyond measure to tell all of these people that if you hire Essig Renovation, no tears will be shed, and none of these nightmares will come true. The Essig guys will show up on time every day; will keep you in the loop about what they are doing and why; will work with you on design changes (and will come up with better ideas than you would have on your own); and will leave your place clean and in order every day they are there. Moreover, they will play better music than you do, and they will deliver an end result that will be everything you hoped for and more.

All three of you weren’t just good contractors; you were good people. You can’t put a price on any of that, and that’s why we are…

Very truly yours, Jason & Megan

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